Saturday, December 09, 2017

Download JumpStart Dumpper v.90.2_2 Full Version for Window 10

Software- Hack or hack WiFi, is not impossible if we know how. One way is to use WiFi hacking software. Software to hack WiFi is not just one but there are many that are scattered on the internet, one of which is Jumpstart and Dumpper.

Jumpstart and Dumpper can hack WPA / WPA2 or WPS2 secure WiFi in just a few minutes. Do you already know how to use this Jumpstart and Dumpper? Well, in this article Jaka will give WPA WPA / WPA2 WPS WiFi tutorial in five minutes on Windows using Jumpstart and Dumpper.

Ways of working

  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Install "WinPcap.4_1_3.exe"
  • Once installed open the folder "JumpStart" immediately wrote "Setup.exe"
  • After both software is installed you can open the folder "Dumpper + Jumpstart"
  • Run "Dumpper.exe".
  • After the Dumpper window appears, open the wps tab.
  • After click scan wait its process.
  • Once completed then the window will appear as shown below.
  • Congrats you have got his password
  • Pass .rar : "pekandunia" tanpa tanda (" ")

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