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5 Advertising Service Provider Other Than Google Adsense


Blogger@- This occasion will be a little admin discusses the advertising service provider other than google adsense which prove to pay membernya in 2018. Google Adsense is one of the advertising services platform that is already very well known and familiar in the eyes of the Indonesian and international ad publisher. Maybe with the value of the CPC is so great and the amount of the premium advertiser can create an income earned from Google Adsense is becoming a source of income for the bloggers especially indonesia.

5 Ad Provider other than Google Adsense which prove to Pays.

Adnow | Navite Adversting
Adnow | Navite Adversting is one of the services of the best google adsense alternatives, since the ad from the site Adnow can be directly mounted in conjunction with the Google Adsense ads. So, if for example PAL already put up Adsense ads and want to install also ads from adnow is not a problem, and in fact it will probably further improve extra income from your blog. Adnow is one of the advertising network featuring original content the fastest growing which works on PPC or payment per click and CPM.

Method of payment: :
Paypal, Wire, webmoney, dan Payments.
Minimal Payout :: $50
Net 30

Chitika | Patnet Center
Chitika Partnet center is one of the best adsense alternative you can try chitika ads because it could directly juxtaposed with your google adsense ads, so it would be suitable and harmonious. Types of ads from Chitika is contextually based Search target ads with highly relevant ads. Uniquely again Chitika also has Local Ads, which later will automatically display ads that correspond to the location of the visitors to the blog. As well as Mobile Ads that will show ads according to the mobile format.

Method of payment: : Payoneer
Minimal Payout: $10

MediaNet | Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads
MediaNet is one of the largest markets for advertisers to increase their online brand ekpolasi brand, so it will be able to generate belance by installing another banner ad on your blog site, which can eventually provide income to you each month. is one of the ad networks set up by Yahoo and bing, which Buddy later could put contextual ads on a blog that PAL had and will definitely be very relevant to the content.

So you do not need to worry because these ads are contextual, which means your ad will perform in accordance with the contents of the website or blog topics installed or customize with your niche or topic of your discussion of the article.

Zoteromedia PPC dan CPM Premium Indonesia
Zoteromedia PPC dan CPM Premium Indonesia is a leading provider of digital advertising technology origin Indonesia is one of the digital media technology company that offers innovative advertising and monetization solution for traffic through the format of the text ads and display ads . This site was launched in January 2017, and to date has helped thousands of publishers and advertisers to maximize profits and be more successful in marketing in the online market.

Zoteromedia has had the ability in terms of cross platform, sophisticated technology and leading edge, then also already has a huge range. So with it quickly and become the platform of choice for tepan advertisers wanting to connect with audiences in the digital media.

Method of payment: via Bank :
BCA, BNI, dan Mandiri
Payout :

MGID Native Advertising Marketplace
MGID Native Advertising Marketplace is one of the advertising companies that pay based on CPM and CPC meaning MGID ads would be very cocock if paired with a blog that has a high amount of traffic, klau for English blog has a number of CPC which is very small as possible of $0.01 and for CPM banner can achieve the range $0.03-$0.09. The General profile of the company:
  • Pages: MGID (dot) COM
  • Didirikan : 2004
  • Jumlah Karyawan : 51-200 orang pada 3 Mei 2016
  • Kepemilikan: Swasta
  • Profil: Twitter , LinkedIn , Facebook , Pinterest Dukungan dan Informasi Kontak MGID
  • Alamat: 1149 Third Street # 210, Santa Monica, CA, 90403
  • Nomor Telepon: +1 424 322 8059 untuk pengguna AS,dan + 1 800 351 4940 untuk pengguna Eropa
  • Dukungan Email:

Method of payment: 
PayPal, Transfer Bank
Minimal Payout : $50

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