Friday, February 09, 2018

Download Game Killer for Android Apk v4.10


Game Killer for Android apk
Apk@- Download Killer game is a game which is used to change the coin games, and other games using the techniques of a value to change it. With a very small size and a very minimalist look. This game is highly preferred by the seekers of a cheater. The game itself is also a very popular game in the world where recorded 10 million users who use these apps are applications on android devices they are.

How to use Game Killer:
  • Please open your Game Killer
  • Open the game/application that will dicheat
  • Click the logo Game Killer (such as keys)
  • Select the application
  • Scan value that will be changed, e.g. gems you guys 1000, then scan with number 1000
  • Use gems mu to change, for example you guys use so lived 900 gems
  • His latest scan again value, e.g. scan by number 900
  • Click and foxes value as chill

Information :

  • Name : Killer Game
  • Version : 4.10 Apk
  • Type : .apl
  • Size : 500kb

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