Friday, February 09, 2018

Unduh Aptoide Android Appk v8.6.21


Download Aptoide for Android
Apk@- Aptoide Android apps store is an independent open source-based software that allows you to install and find applications with easy, fun and secure. Aptoide is driven by the community and the role of spreading the application via the social experience. Aptoide offers opportunities for every user to create and manage your own store, upload your own applications, follow the advice of the community and discover new content.

Could not find particular application in the Android app store conventional? Aptoide may have the application! And don't worry: all the applications we have already examined the possibility of containing the virus, and we did a test for additional security for the sake of ensuring Android devices You are always safe. Aptoide re-creating distribution and discovery of applications through the social and ways of cooperation. Join us in this revolution!

With Aptoide you can:

  • Download your favorite Android application in private and without registering;
  • Find apps that are not available in the Android marketplace.
  • Downgrade to previous version of the application;
  • Build the store and chose the name, logo, and color themes;
  • Examine the applications and recommended stores through linimasa which documents the unique application Aptoide.
  • Follow other stores and know anyone who follows you – don't worry, you can set the privacy of everything;
  • Give the value as well as the review of applications and stores, as well as reply comments from other users.
  • Size 19 MB
  • Share with local applications with your friends without needing an internet connection.

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