Thursday, March 29, 2018

PowerLine Pro Premium v4.1 New Update


PowerLine Pro Premium v4.1 New Update
Apk@- PowerLine smart indicator in bas your status on your screen. This is a ready-made indicator: battery, CPU, Memory, Wi-Fi, users telpone, notifications, SMS, calls, and many more in applications apk.

Here's a widget is an application that will always look even when the screen is locked.
  • Any number of indicators at the same time on screen
  • Auto-hide in fullscreen
  • Material design
  • Simplicity
  • More Info Apk : Google Play Store

What's new in PowerLine applications 
  • Note: you give interuksi permission to manually on  "Draw more from this one application "
  • The latest API support is certainly more efficient than normal Battery
  • Runtime permissions for all the connected indicator
  • Notification channels that followed
  • In terms of improvements in display screen becomes full.
  • Improvements to the licensing problem missed call indicator.

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