Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vodi Apk Premium Unlimited for Android


Apk@- Vodi Apk for Android Premium is a new message service applications that are fun and free rewards you so stay connected. Like video calls are Free. In addition, the Void is a message service application will paint money amounting to Rp $10 or 135,000 dollars to you each month with always connected terms into this application.

Features of the Vodi Apk Unlimited

  • Free unlimited SMS, voice call capacity as well as high-quality video.
  • Do international calls and video by using the Vodi Out of nowhere and wherever and whenever/
  • Recharge your prepaid mobile-for loved ones more than 135 countries and 390 destination.
  • Share and share your images and videos to friends, relatives and families without limitation of time.

Link Download

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