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Download Drift Legends v1.8.5 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money+Data OBB)


Download Drift Legends v1.8.5 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money+Data OBB)
Apk@-Drift Legends- is a drift racing game with the most realistic 3D graphics so it looks like real. Here you will drive a legendary drift car on different tracks, beat the record, taking part in different events drift racing, the driver got up from Beginner to Professional League. Choose a ghost of multi-player game mode if you think you are good enough. Compete with other players and climb to the top of the cross-platform online leaderboard. Well for those of you who are interested or like the racing game drift please just download this game Apk here for free.

Info Game
  • Name : Drift Legends
  • Versions : 1.8.5
  • Genre : Sports Racing
  • Size : 27 MB
  • Required : Android 4.0.3 and up
  • info Apk : Google Play Store

Features Drift Legends
  • Realistic Physics, simulating every aspect of car behavior
  • The drive is more than 40 strong and interesting, the car drift is very detailed
  • Multi-player Ghost mode with cross-platform leaderboard online
  • Customize your car with exclusive paint jobs and rims
  • Realistic engine sound for every car
  • Turbochargers, gearboxes and sound tires
  • Each car behaves differently, feels strength and weight, finding your balance
  • Drift on detailed tracks with different layouts
  • Career mode allows you to gain more drift experience, complete achievements and unlock powerful secret cars
  • Win a special car and tuning the inside of Daily Events!
  • Race mode / garage photos make pics of your car and share them with people
  • Race play back video, filmed by unmanned aircraft
  • Realistic 3D Graphics

How Install
  1. Download apk game Drift Legends v1.8.5
  2. Login -> Security -> Unknown Sourrce
  3. Install game and finish
  4. Copy folder -> Android -> Data -> Obb
  5. Play Game
  6. Enjoy

Drift Legends v1.8.5 Apk Mod
Data OBB

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