Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mobile Bus Simulator Pro Apk v1.0.2 for Android


Mobile Bus Simulator Pro Apk v1.0.2
Mobile Bus Simulator is a game that will make you a real bus driver! Drive passengers from town to other city terminals through stunning venues and scenery. Obey traffic rules, drive many passengers out of town, give children a telolet, and do not be afraid to travel further because you will earn more money.

Custom your bus with various variations of livery, horn, telolet, bumper, velg, and much more! Make your bus the center of attention by installing STROBO Lights! A realistic place, a detailed bus vehicle, a beautiful interior will make you feel like driving a real bus. Get the Mobile Bus Bus Simulator now!

Info Aplikasi Game
  • Name : Mobile Bus Simulator
  • version : 1.0.2
  • Update : 12 April 2018
  • Size : 56 MB
  • Developper : LOCOS 
  • Info Apk : Google Play Store

Feafures Bus Simolator
  • A realistic map
  • Detailed bus vehicles (Super High Deck, Double Decker, and more)
  • Bus with STROBO Lights
  • The experience of driving a real bus
  • Custom your bus with various variations of livery, horn, telolet, bumper, velg, and much more!
  • Button open and close the bus door
  • Passenger animation up and down from the bus
  • Weather conditions (sunny and rain accompanied by lightning) and full day cycle.
  • Full use of keys, steer and tilt.
  • Available various camera angles (camera in cabin, camera out, camera with free corner)
  • Detailed bus interiors.
  • AI's smart traffic and vehicle systems.
  • Many variations of AI vehicles (sedan, bus, round tofu, truck chilli / Stut Jack, box, police car, oil tank truck, and many more).
  • Using real traffic rules.
  • Real bus sound effect.
  • A full range of sound effects of the bus and TELOLET horns are true
  • Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Challenge your friends by online ranking

  • Choose a graphic setting that matches your mobile phone's ability to make the game run smoothly.
  • Choose how to control the bus for easy driving in the settings menu.
  • Turn on your bus lights at night to avoid accidents.
  • When your bus runs out of fuel, you can buy the fuel offered or at the nearest gas station.
  • If you follow traffic rules, carry lots of passengers, give the children a telolet, travel long distances during the game, you will earn more money!

We always try to bring you the best game ever, so we need your feedback. Do not forget to rate the Mobile Bus Simulator and leave a review. Because your response is very meaningful.

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