Monday, April 30, 2018

Photo Studio Pro Premium Apk v2.0.15.4 Full Version


Photo Studio Pro Premium Apk is a software application for editing photos android multi function that you can count on for photographers in terms of level of skills. Applications Apk provides equipment such as editing to polishing kit basic advanced in your photos. In other words any snapshots that are generated from the beautiful artwork using eragam types of effects, filters, text editing, and color enhancement equipment as well as other features that you can enjoy with this Photo Studio applications.

Application Info

  • Name : Photo Studio Pro Apk
  • Version : 
  • Update : 26 April 2018
  • Required : Android 4.0 and up
  • Developper : KVADGroup
  • Info Apk : Play Store

Features A Premium Pro Photo Studio
  • No ads
  • 70 special effects that you can use
  • Face filter sketches
  • Color Splash: Make your own photos such as changing and editing photos in accordance with your selerah.
  • Color Splash Editor
  • Digital photo frames are beautiful.
  • 150 unique category Filters to choose from
  • Store photos are divided into 3 formats: Normal, Small and Large (JPEG/PNG)
  • Photo Studio Pro has 11 Premium package help new and open for users.
  • And many more available there.

What's new from the previous 
  • Updated clone editor with change background support
  • New Travelling Frames pack
  • Multi-selection on start screen support
  • Glow text feature in text editor
  • Updated final screen with direct sharing options
  • Magic button in collage editor
  • Layers support in collage
  • Blur in shape tool support

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